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. ADVERTISEMENT/ REKLAME 🇩🇪 I was handed this German Gin 🇩🇪 as a gift from @seal_gin. Thanks 🙏🏻 I really appreciate in letting me try this Gin as well make a review of it 🇩🇪 Go check out what story is behind the name of the gin, Vicky and Tjalf had a experience that made them produced this London Dry Gin. Check out their story at www.seal-gin.con 🇩🇪 0,5l 44% ABV 🇩🇪 Classic bottle choice with white lable imprinted with their Brand logo a Seal. And the lable “reveals” that their is Mandarin inside 🇩🇪 To the nose is for sure that this Gin are made with Mandarin. Don’t know why both something tells my nose that there is a hint of some Angelica Root 🇩🇪 Tasted neat it’s a smooth and fresh/ tasty flavour of Mandarin, a hint of Angelica. And i Can read that also Blackberry are used under production. Also present a very small amount of licorice. And everything is wrapoed in a lovely warm in your mouth 🇩🇪 . . SEAL GIN TONIC . . 5cl Gin @seal_gin 20cl Tonic @fevertreedk Premium Tonic Garnish i string of Mandarin Peel . . 🇩🇪 Overall experience is really good. A fruty but not to fruty frangrance and flavour rules this Gin Tonic. Vicky and Tjalf did an excellent job. Really a smooth and complex tasted with so many nice tones. Even tasted neat the Alcohol isn’t to strong 🇩🇪 I marked this Post as a ADVERTISEMENT (REKLAME) due to brand mention and because I linked to the manufactures Instagram Profile 🇩🇪 #gin #tonic #gintonic #ginandtonic #ginforeveryone #ginporn #ginlover #moregin #gindrinker #ginoclock #garnish #juniper #newgin #ginaddict #gintoniclovers #needmoregin #ginlife

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